Newlyweds Busted Stealing Food For Wedding Reception
What is the line in wedding vows?  Until death do us part?  How about until jail do us part?
A Pennsylvania couple spent some time in the slammer after allegedly attempting to steal $1000 worth of food for their wedding reception.  Sounds like it would of been one hell of a party if th…
Neighbor From Hell Terrorizing Community
Mr. Rogers wouldn't even want this guy for a neighbor!  A Florida man is terrorizing his neighbors so severely that some are seeking restraining orders.
This clown has chased people with chainsaws and once slapped a man in a wheelchair with a fish!  Oh yeah, he has a drinking problem t…
Man Knocked Out With Beer Can At Family Party
So much for our theory of  "A Family That Drinks Together Stays Together".
A Nebraska man is recovering after a late night family party ended with a full beer can being thrown at his head.  The 43 year old needed four staples to close the wound.
Woman Charged For Poisoning Coworker With Visine
I love to play jokes on people at work.  I have been known to "email bomb" people, which is jumping on a co-workers computer and sending emails to other people in the building.  I have also played jokes with packzi's, paged fake intercom announcements, the list goes on and on.
However, I ha…
Babysitter Arrested for Putting Infant in Back of Moving Pick-up Truck
There are just some plain dumb people in the world -- Keyona Davis, 23 -- was babysitting an 8-month-old child when she thought it was a good idea to put the baby, sitting in a stroller, in the back of a moving pick-up truck on August 17th, according to the Smoking Gun. After numerous 911 calls, the…
Guy Get’s A Boner for Walmart
I know that people get excited over saving money, but this is ri-dick-ulous!  A Louisiana man was recently arrested for driving around a Walmart parking lot with his junk exposed.
This clown had no shame in telling officers that being at a Walmart get's him excited.
Kentucky Man Lives in Trunk For 2 Days
Let the hillbilly jokes begin!  A Kentucky man was living in his trunk for 2 days in the parking lot of an Office Depot.
Authorities are not sure why he decided to live in the trunk, but he appeared to be drunk when approached by police.  Shocking!

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