Fight Over Cigarettes Ends in Stabbing Death
How does that saying go?  Where there is smoke there is stabbing?
A fight over cigarettes at an assisted living facility ended with one person being stabbed to death.
Damn!  Was Chris Monroe involved?  I did not think anyone loved cigarettes more than he does.
Guy Pays for Impounded Car with 8,800 Pennies
Apparently this guy went to the pub the night before, parked his car and when he left the bar his car was impounded. The video starts out with three guys in a car explaining the situation, the guy that got his car impounded said that since he had to walk 15-20 miles home, he was going to "incon…
Woman Hides Knive And Pills In Her Vagina
No joke on this one!  And of course she is from Florida.  Apparently Gloria Esther Perez got into a fight with another women and the police were called.  Upon breaking up the fight, the cops found 25 different prescription drugs and around 350 pills in her purse.
That is a bit much for…
Eugene Hickman Florida Grandpa Accused of Having Sex with Dog
Grandpas are not what they used to be. You know the grandpa type; gives you a quarter, a piece of hard candy or maybe asks you to sit on his lap. Eugene Hickman of Florida is a special type of grandpa, he loves the family dog, or at least he's accused of loving the family dog too much. See how …
Wynika Mason Arrested for Wielding Sword in Pizza Hut
LARPers unite! OK maybe only if the winning team gets to go to Pizza Hut. Wynika Mason is the queen of LARPing, not really, she actually pulled a sword out in a Pizza Hut after an argument got heated. I didn't know carrying around a sword was the new hot thing.
Vancouver Riot 2011 – Flash Bang Nutshot
So earlier I posted a video of a pretty brutal nutshot, at that point I thought it was the most brutal nutshot ever...I was wrong.
This video is from the Vancouver Canucks Riot that took place earlier in the week. Wow, a flash bang to the balls, so not good for this dude. I'm so glad we got the slow …

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