Banana 101.5 Dance Instruction Video
I'm a little embarrassed to say, I'm probably one of the worst dancers on the planet. Actually, I used to be one of the worst dancers...until now!
For years, I hated going to nightclubs with my wife because while everybody was on the dance floor, I was sitting at the bar by myself. The reason, I coul…
1987 Dance Aerobics Championship [VIDEO]
When I think of "The 80's", I think glam rock,  E.T., The Breakfast Club and Michael Jackson. Now, I will also include The 1987 Dance Aerobics Championship. I think this is where the term "gay" came from.
If Chris Monroe had been in this competition, he&a…
Spring Break Mama
With spring break just around the corner I thought I'd give you a video that features a woman a little too old to be kickin it with the kids. I hope after watching this, you realize this is your mom.