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Dash Cam Catches Footage Of Donkey Chase [VIDEO]
This neighborhood got a little bit of a surprise recently. Typically, when the cops are cruising through the area in full force, it's not a good thing. This time however, they were chasing a donkey. You can look at the footage here if you can make it through all the reporters dumb comments.
Car Crashes Off Cliff, Driver Has Hilarious Response [VIDEO]
No matter what happens, most car crashes are terrifying and scare the hell out of you. This guy was cruising down the road pretty fast through a tunnel. Right after the tunnel there was a hard left turn where he lost control and when off the cliff. Listen to how he reacts in the dash cam video.
Dumb Broad Runs Red Light And Causes Crash [VIDEO]
This is the absolute poster woman for not paying attention. Watch as this lady runs a red in a busy intersection and causes an accident. When you watch the slow motion video you can see that she didn't even notice the other car. Just cruising along probably singing some stupid song like fancy.
Woman Lands On Hood Of Car From Out Of Nowhere
This is just like a scene in a movie.  There you are just minding your own business and then BAM, a woman lands on your car.  It's creepy to see and as the clip goes on, you get to see how it happened.  Definitely a bad day for this car.