Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl and His Mom Visit The Late Show [VIDEO]
If anyone knows how to raise a rock star it is Virginia Grohl - mother of Dave Grohl. The mother son duo recently appeared on The Late Show to promote Virginia's book 'From Cradle To Stage - Stories From the Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars'.
Reason 1,422 Why Dave Grohl Is Awesome [VIDEO]
During an acoustic set at Cannes Lions 2016, Dave was on stage playing a few acoustic songs. During the set he decided to tell a story about being at a party with Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift. Check out the video for the story and a pretty awesome acoustic version of "Best of You.&qu…
Jim Breuer On AC/DC: Axl No, Grohl, Yes [VIDEO]
Comedian Jim Breuer made a visit to Loudwire recently and spoke his mind on AC/DC. As a huge fan of AC/DC he is completely against Axl Rose taking on singing responsibilities for the band. However, he would be 100% behind Dave Grohl taking the reigns though. He makes some good points.

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