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David Letterman Returning to TV for New Netflix Series
Like so many famous Davids, you’d never know if Letterman was content to enjoy retirement, or stage an unexpected comeback. The revered interviewer and former Late Show host is officially making a return to our lives, leading – what else – a new Netflix series doing what he does…
David Letterman’s Final Top 10 List [VIDEO]
For the final top 10 list on the show, Letterman brought back some of his more frequent guests and good friends to come out. With the topic being "10 things I have always wanted to say to Dave," the responses were pretty funny. The Top 10 will definitely be one of the things I&apos…
Bill Murray Drunk On MSNBC, Falls Off Chair [VIDEO]
Bill Murray stopped by MSNBC after his appearance on the 'Late Show With David Letterman. Murray is Letterman's last guest before he retires, so as you can imagine there was some celebrating. By celebrating, I mean drinks. Sometimes drinks lead to falling off chairs. This is that time.
Tina Fey Gives David Letterman The Dress She Is Wearing [VIDEO]
Tina Fey is hilarious. She has been on Dave's show 20+ times over the years and always gets all dolled up. Out of respect for Dave she has vowed to never wear a dress again on a late night TV show appearance. So right in the middle of the interview, she strips down and gives the dress to Dave.

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