Death Metal

Mary Poppins Sings Death Metal [VIDEO]
If you are a parent of a child that watches any Disney movie, you have probably had it up to here with the songs that are featured in the films. From "Let It Go" to "Beauty and the Beast", kid movie songs can drive you to drink. That is why Mary Poppins singing de…
A Washing Machine That Plays Death Metal [VIDEO]
Most people would pull the plug on this machine to keep it from blowing up. Not this guy, he grabbed the camera and did some creative editing. I've heard some washing machines make bangs and clanks, but never have they kept a steady beat.
Death Metal Cat Drummer
After porn, cats run the internet. Now it looks like felines are on their way to ruling music, as this cat goes all death metal on this cover.
Death Metal Grandparents
This is what I imagine Tony and Maggie to be in 40 years.  A little crazy and still making news.  I'm not entirely sure how this came to be but somewhere there is a grandchild that just got cut out of the will.  I wouldn't even call that moshing, more being possessed with a …
Death Metal Baby [VIDEO]
Personally, I have no idea how to shut a baby up.  That's why my girlfriend takes Plan B pills like they are Flintstone Vitamins.  But apparently, some babies are only calmed by metal.
Rebecca Black Metal Friday [VIDEO]
So you've probably seen Rebecca Black somewhere in media over the past 2 weeks.  She's the teenage girl who had her rich parents hire a company to make her a pop star.  The result is her single "Friday", which is the worst thing to happen since bad things starte…