Man Burns Down Christmas Tree At Denny’s After Long Wait
Talk about Scrooge of the year.  Apparently some lonely old man at a Denny's in San Antonio burned down the Christmas tree after a long wait to pay his bill.  Now I understand that the service may have sucked but why do that far?  We all know that the only two acceptable things t…
Man Attempts to Pay for Food With Weed
A New York man attempted to pay for a meal with a bag of weed.  The mans food bill at Denny's was $9.91.  His offering?  A dollar and a bag of weed!  When the cashier refused the swap, the man tried to sell it to other patrons.
A Fight At Denny’s??? Nooo [VIDEO]
For once a fight video where the camera operator isn't screwing it up!  This is one of the reasons I miss Denny's in this area.  Let's start a petition to open one...I'm tired of going to the same places for an after hours fight!