Everything Destroyed In Super Slow Motion HD
I can't tell if this a music video, or destruction porn, but either way it's effing awesome.  Watch waterbeds, bottles of coke, laundry lines, and a bunch of other crap get destroyed in a bunch of awesome ways.
Rent A Room To Destroy
If you've ever trashed your place in a fit of rage, you know that it feels good, until you realize that all your stuff is broke and now you have to clean all that crap up. Unless you rent The Anger Room, where you pay to destroy.
Giant House Of Cards Taken Out By Ninja
First of all, I can't believe somebody had the time and patience to build a house of cards this big. It's even harder to believe that after all that effort, the only thing that happens to it, is that it get knocked over. None the less, it's a pretty sweet sight to see, so check out …
The 12 Craziest Psycho Girlfriends Ever [VIDEOS]
Are you ready for this? I've dated some crazy chicks in my past, but nothing that comes even kind of close to these insane women. If you're unhappy in your current relationship, just think, it could be a LOT worse. Here are the 12 most psychotic women on the internet.