Oakland Fan Gets Tasered During A’s/Tigers Game
You have to love drunk people.  This guy apparently had a little too much at the game and decided to take on the cops.  Even though he put on a good fight, the cops won the battle with a quick jolt to the back.  And now on to the the Seventh Inning Stretch.
RoboCop Statue Arrives in Detroit for Final Assembly [VIDEO]
The 10-foot-tall RoboCop statue has finally arrived in Detroit after years of online rallying, fundraising, design and, of course, construction. There is still a ways to go before Officer Alex Murphy's likeness stands in Detroit, but you can check out the progress of the project here.
Best Tweets About Detroit Filing for Bankruptcy
After years of financial struggles, the City of Detroit's Emergency Financial Manager has filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. We won't bore you with all the logistical details, but we will highlight the best tweets on the subject - check them out here.

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