Monroe Tries To Fix His Piece Of Crap Car [VIDEO]
Well it's no secret that my car is a big pile of crap. The whole front end is jacked up and falling apart. As I have no concern for what people think of it, I haven't tried to fix it yet. Mainly due to laziness and lack of time. So today I remedied that! Here is how you can expertly fix yo…
40 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes [VIDEO]
I have to admit I was skeptical when I clicked on this video. These two chicks actually have some clever ideas for Halloween costumes! Some you could sex up, some are great for kids/teens and some are great just the way they are. Happy Halloween!
Guy Makes Real Life Wolverine Claws, So Awesome [VIDEO]
This guy is my new hero. He has created a way to become Wolverine. There is no denying that I would be arrested within two days of owning these but I still want a pair. If anyone knows how yo make these, I will gladly pay you for the efforts in making them.