Dog Owner Builds Fence For Dog, It Doesn’t Work Well [VIDEO]
When you own an animal, you have to do things to make sure they are safe and taken care. This guy decided to build a fence to keep his dog in the yard.  Upon finishing it, decided to take a video of it and show off his new fence. It was at that time he was immediately defeated by the dog.
Woman Fights Off Alligator To Save Her Dog [VIDEO]
A Florida woman recently went above and beyond to save her dog. Lori Beiswenger was planting trees when an alligator attacked her dog and started to drag the pooch into a pond. As horrific as it may have been to watch, I would have done nothing. How do you stop an alligator? If you are this chick - …
Fed Ex Driver Caught On Camera Stealing Dogs [VIDEO]
Delivering, this clown is doing it wrong. A Fed Ex driver in Texas was caught on tape stealing not one but two dogs from a residence. After the family noticed the dogs were missing they checked their surveillance cameras and were quite shocked by what they saw.
Michigan Man Shoots Himself in Hand, Accidentally Kills Dog
A Michigan man is in the hospital with a hole in his hand and in his heart, after the same stray bullet that nearly left him an amputee killed his dog. Over the weekend, authorities visited a home in Iron Mountain after receiving a 911 call about a potential shooting...
Dirty Dog Attempts To Remove Bikini Top [VIDEO]
Whoever trained this dog to remove bikini tops is the ultimate dog whisperer! Watch as this pup tries his best to remove the tiny top of a sunbather. Heads up, it is cute if a dog attempts this, you would most likely be arrested. Do not try this at the beach!
Weatherman Vs. Dog On Live TV [VIDEO]
I am not sure if it is going to rain cats and dogs, to be honest I don't even know what this weatherman is talking about. I am watching the dog he is trying to control during his live weather update! Who let this dog out anyway?

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