Tampa Man Arrested For Killing and Cooking Dog
Talk about a real 'doggy' bag! Tampa resident, Thomas Elliot Huggins, 25, was recently arrested for killing a 6-month-old pit bull, chopping up the animal, eating parts and storing portions of it in the freezer for later consumption.
French Bulldog is Startled By Rouge Fart [VIDEO]
It doesn't surprise me that its a "French" bulldog that this happens to, because we all know the French are afraid of just about everything. So, why wouldn't their dog be too. However, what I did find surprising, is the same thing that happens in this video, happens to Ch…
Dog ‘Cries’ At Grandma’s Grave [VIDEO]
Dogs really are mans best friend, and in this case grandma's too! Watch as Wiley cries over the grave of his handlers grandmother. According to information on the YouTube page, Wiley has never done this before. Ahhhhhhhhhh!
5 Annoying Things Pet Owners Do on Facebook
Now that the election is over, we can go back to being annoyed by the usual stuff on Facebook -- Farmville updates, the unceasing stream of invites to comedian friends' weekly shows, pictures that promise "likes" will somehow generate something for somebody somewhere ... and e…
Pets Take on Stairs in Adorable Videos
Aside from being ridiculously adorable, our pets offer up some pretty funny entertainment. For starters, they casually hang out for photo shoots and sneeze to the beat of Dubstep. Basically, if there's a cute behavior to be documented, you can be sure we're on it!
Galaxy’s Cutest Dog Wears ‘Star Wars’ Cone
Dressing up our furry friends means they're usually subject to embarrassment among other pups. However, we think it's the small price they pay for being so darn adorable. That being said, we've already made our Star-Wars-meets-puppies obsession pretty clear, what with the discovery of Ewok dogs and …
Lost Boy Survives By Cuddling With Puppies
Last Wednesday, a 10-year-old boy with Down syndrome was found alive in the woods after he went missing from his home the previous day. But here's the part that the internet will love -- he survived by huddling with a pack of puppies for warmth. Sadly, no cats or corgis were involved as far as …

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