Donald Trump

Jon Stewart Channels His Inner Donald Trump [VIDEO]
Wearing a goofy wig and Cheetos on his face, Jon Stewart channeled his inner Donald Trump last night on  the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Stewart was on the program to raise awareness of the Zadroga Act - a bill that funds health care for 9/11 first responders - which is expiring at the end …
Brian Williams Comments On Donald Trump’s Tweets [FBHW]
Donald Trump went on a Twitter rampage the night of the election and several news outlets took notice.  Free Beer and Hot Wings also took notice of something that evening, they watched as Brian Williams tears into Trump on national television.  Williams cataloged all of Trump's tweets…
Awesome Christmas Idea
I'm more then willing to bet you haven't done your Christmas shopping.  Who would have guessed that Legos might be the answer to your problems.