The Greatest Road Rage Revenge Ever [VIDEO]
At one point or another, everybody has had a bit of road rage.  The thing about road rage is, that you usually never get a chance to really get back at the person who pissed you off.  Unless you're this dude, because he saw his chance and acted.
Worst Female Driver Ever
A lot of people seem to think women are terrible drivers. After watching this video, you'll probably agree with them.  Watch this woman get dominated by a left turn.
Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws Remain Unclear
Medical marijuana laws in Michigan have been hazy since the law was passed in 2008, and things aren't looking much clearer.  Check out the details regarding medical marijuana, driving, and a possible statewide legalization.
March Madness Has a New Meaning in Michigan
With the NCAA March Madness tournie and St. Patty's Day right around the corner -- take warning when heading out to your favorite watering hole. Starting March 13th through April 3rd, 160 police agencies throughout Michigan will be cracking down on drunk driving.
Dude Drives Completely Demolished Truck
It's amazing how badly cars can get beaten up and still run.  Look all around Flint, Michigan and you'll see automobiles that are practically falling apart but still out on the roads.  This Russian driver takes driving a beater to a whole new level.
Amazing Near Crash Video Footage
I've never been in a severe car accident, and I hope I never am.   I'm sure it's has to be terrifying to have no control of your car and how quickly everything must happen.  A few inches difference and this video wouldn't be a near miss.  It would be a deadly …
Three-Wheeled Motorcycle Converted Into Rock Band
Most band vehicles suck.  Unless you're rolling around on Kid Rock money, most bands count on vans that have been used as evidence in  an abduction case.  These three Russians break that stereotype though, and use a motorcycle as a means of transportation and practice space.
Video Of Four Year Old Driving A Car On The Freeway
Like it or not, acknowledge it or not, China is coming for us America.  Not only do they have almost 20 percent of the worlds population, but now they are teaching them how to drive at 4 years old.  Buckle up and prepare to be outraged.

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