Two Women Use Cocaine Diapers To Smuggle Drugs Into The U.S.
You don’t have to live near the U.S./Mexico border to hear stupid stories of how someone tried (and failed miserably) to smuggle drugs into the country. Everything from terracotta pots to footballs; even bibles have been used as props to conceal and mislead border protection agents
Michigan Lawmakers Look to Stiffen Synthetic Marijuana Laws
The concept of a drug that gives you the same high as marijuana, while being legal and undetectable on drug tests seems like a dream come true.  Unfortunately, the reality of K2 is a nightmare.  Michigan lawmakers are now doing something about it, and are attempting to finally ban the drug…
Cats On Drugs
Everybody chill out. The cats aren't on real drugs, just anesthetics . Okay, I guess anesthetics technically are a real drug, but it's not like "real" drugs.  Check out this hilarious video of these kittens who are obviously still feeling it.
Horrible Commercial Says No to Drugs and Yes to Roller Skating
This is one of those commercials that is so bad that it's funny. I don't know what they were thinking when they put this thing together. At first I thought it was meant to be funny but after a bit I realized it wasn't. I don't think the dude at :56 has anything to worry about whe…
Man Has Half A Head [VIDEO]
A Miami, Florida man is using his head to warn others about the dangers of drinking, drugging and driving.
Carlos "Halfy" Rodriguez lost half of his skull and brain after he was involved in a horrific car accident. Rodriguez was thrown from the vehicle and landed on his head. This h…

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