drunk driving

Man Tracks Down Drunk Driver and Yanks Him From Vehicle [VIDEO]
Usually if you see a drunk driver, the best thing to do is call the police. Sometimes there just isn't time to wait for the police though. That's what happened in this case, the best thing to do was track down the guy and take away his keys. At any moment this drunk driver could have kille…
Boy Calls 911 On Drunk Driving Dad [VIDEO]
This kid is probably grounded for life, but at least he is alive! A 10-year-old Connecticut boy actually called 911 on his drunk driving dad. The youth was so scared, he contemplated jumping out of the moving vehicle.
Driver Survives Fall From Cliff [VIDEO]
An alleged drunk driver had to be rescued by helicopter after driving his car off of a 40-foot cliff! The car landed on all four wheels and surprisingly enough, the man got out of the vehicle on his own.

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