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Drunk Moron Eats Flaming Doritos and Refreshing Cat Litter [VIDEO]
Oh to be young, drunk and immature again. I saw this video on tru TV last night and felt I needed to share some more stupidity. This is the guy that will do anything that his friend's ask him to do because it makes them laugh.With that in mind, watch this dude eat Doritos that are on fire and t…
Drunk Guy Urinates in Pantry
A friend sent this video to me reminding me of how I once took a piss in their dresser while I was completely hammered.  I drank way too much Jager and got up while I was sleeping and and just pissed all over their clothes. Not my proudest moment but it's the truth.
I just hope my ass looke…
Drunk Moron Gets His Ass Knocked Out [VIDEO]
There's always one, way too drunk in public and thinking they are the s*#t!
First off, I don't know how this thing got started but it sure doesn't end well for the drunk guy. Man, what is this supposed to be, some weird dance off or something?
I'm so glad I only attend rock concert…
Drunk Guy Mistakes Pants For Shirt [VIDEO]
We've all been there before, so drunk that you can barely function. The only difference is, this old man got caught on tape. Watch this guy try to put on, what he thinks is his shirt. Wrong, you drunk fool, those are your pants!