Drunk Groom Pulled Off Bride By Wedding Party [VIDEO]
Who doesn't love a drunk groom? I am not a fan of wedding receptions, but I would have loved to be a guest at this one! Watch as the groom is so drunk during the garter snatch, he falls and eventually is pulled off of his embarrassed wife. I bet she is wishing she said "I Don't!&a…
Bill Murray Drunk On MSNBC, Falls Off Chair [VIDEO]
Bill Murray stopped by MSNBC after his appearance on the 'Late Show With David Letterman. Murray is Letterman's last guest before he retires, so as you can imagine there was some celebrating. By celebrating, I mean drinks. Sometimes drinks lead to falling off chairs. This is that time.
Drunk Steals Comedians Beer, Security Swoops In Fast [VIDEO]
No matter how important you think you are, when it comes to comedy shows, stay off the stage. This drunk guy decided he wanted to steal the comedians beer and walks on stage. The security guard was on point and swept in before he had a chance to make to much trouble. The comedian, Bert Kreischer, ha…
Drunk Thief Gets Busted In Store [VIDEO]
Time to drain a little more faith out of humanity. Not only was this guy stealing liquor, he was so drunk, he didn't realize the whole store was watching him. After that, he took a spill to the floor and then broke the bottle.
Drunk Idiot Becomes Worst Robber Ever [VIDEO]
I think we've all done stupid things while drunk, but this guy takes the cake. He can barely even stand and is trying to smuggle things out of the store. He so oblivious that he doesn't even realize the store clerk are watching him and they've already locked him in the store.
Drunk Dudes Talk About Their Pussy…Cats [VIDEO]
Let me start off with saying I like cats, let me re-phrase that, I like my cat but not as much as these drunk dudes. Watch as these guys get sloppy drunk and talk about their cats. I think if a guy has more than two cats, it starts to get kind of weird.
Drunk Guy Knocks Himself Out On Door Knob [VIDEO]
He didn't make it very far from the couch. Watch as this drunk guy tries to get up and go to the kitchen. Apparently his feet did not want to cooperate for the journey. As he tries to move around the couch, BOOM, the door knob takes him out.

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