Uncooperative Drunk Gets Tazed By Windsor Police[VIDEO]
Yep, even in Canada where everything is laidback compared to here in the U.S. they still have their share of unruly people when the suds start flowin'. And just like here in the states when drunk people get out of hand and have a run-in with the cops, they get tazed...
Man is Super Drunk During News Interview [VIDEO]
This guy is totally hammered drunk as news crews interview him about some explosion and a fire that took place. This drunk dude has a lot to say about it, I don't really know what he's saying but he says  lot. "Boom, I friggin' heard it!"
Drunk Chinese Guy Gets Caught Up In, Falls From Power Lines [VIDEO]
Plenty of people gathered to watch, and apparently video tape, as a drunken Chinese man somehow ended up hanging from a set of power lines in Northern China. And despite being completely housed this guy seems to have a bit of a clue that he's in a situation that may be a little more than proble…

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