Sloppy Drunk Chubby Woman Vs. Undertow [VIDEO]
What kind of sea creature is this? Oh wait, it's just some large drunk woman attempting to get out of the water. The guy behind the camera points out the fact that this woman could drowned, yet offers no assistance. Did you count how many guys it took to get her out?
Drunk Idiot Challenges Bouncers, Gets Knocked Out
This is the downside of liquid courage.  The idiot in the video challenges the bouncers at the bar to a fight.  I don't care how big and bad you are, that is a stupid idea.  Bouncers don't fight fair nor should they have to.  They are there to protect the bar and its&ap…
Drunk Chick Uses Men’s Bathroom Sink to Pee In [VIDEO]
Being a man, I've always appreciated the fact that I can just pee whenever and where ever I want to.  Women don't have it so lucky, thanks to the fact that they have a much harder time aiming.  This chick didn't let that or long lines to the ladies room stop her, as she kept…

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