Easter Bunny

Bad Parenting 101: Easter Bunny Trap Prank
There have been a lot of pranks on kids the last few years. Even Jimmy Kimmel had parents film their kids as the told them that they ate their Halloween candy. Here is quick and easy one you can pull on your kids tomorrow for April Fools Day.
Some of the Creepiest Easter Bunnies Ever!
My favorite part about Easter is all the creepy bunnies that people want to hold their children.  If I had a kid, I would make sure every sketchy bunny that I could find got a chance to scare the crap out of it!  These are just a HANDFUL of hilarious bunnies who are probably drunk...or stoned.  I ha…
Virginia Easter Bunny Arrested On Drug Charges
An Easter Bunny is supposed to hop high but not actually be HIGH!  Joshua Lee Bolling was playing the Easter Bunny in a Virginia mall last Friday (4/6/12), when he was arrested on drug charges.  According to  CBS News, security received reports that the bunny was acting funny.