Face Eating Victim In Miami Is Alive And Recovering
The victim of the Miami "causeway cannibal" is now awake and in high spirits.  The road to recovery is still a very long one to travel for Ronald Poppo but he is on the way.  All things considered, he is doing quite well.  Details after the jump.
Guy Eats 2 Habanero Peppers and a Tube of Icy/Hot
This guy is crazy.  First off, the lack of blinking really freaks me out.  Second, why would you do such a thing.  I understand being dared to eat a pepper, that's happened to us all.  To voluntarily eat two of those peppers and a tube of Icy/Hot is just nuts.  He showe…
Eating Other People’s Food Prank [VIDEO]
Here's another awesome "Awkward" video from Break.
I've walked by tons of people eating and thought "Man, I love to take a bite of that". Never have I actually done something like that, though it would be funny. Here's the reaction you would get if y…