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Elijah Wood Gets ‘Cooties’ in New Horror-Comedy
Elijah Wood is really getting into the Halloween spirit. The actor, who used to be associated with Hobbits and tap-dancing penguins, has been immersing himself into the horror genre lately with relish and continues the streak with 'Cooties,' a new horror-comedy about murderous children he&…
Danko Jones – Interview With The Stars [VIDEO]
Here's an EPK (electronic press kit) Danko Jones did for the 'Below The Belt' video trilogy. It features interviews with the amazing stars that were featured in the videos, the directors and of course the band. DANKO JONES!!!
NEW: Danko Jones ‘I Think Bad Thoughts’ [VIDEO]
Well, here it is! The brand new video from Danko Jones, "I Think Bad Thoughts". This all star cast features the original Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio. If you remember the video for "Full of Regret", this is part 2. I'll put both up here for you to check out.
Beastie Boys Sequel?
Adam "MCA" Yauch from the Beastie Boys is directing a sequel to the "Fight For Your Right" video. But this time around, the Beasties won't be in the video.