Bye Felicia! BMW Filmed Sinking [VIDEO]
I have heard of throwing pennies into water to make a wish, but never a BMW. A person walking along the River Thames in England, recorded footage of just that. So where the heck was the owner? He or she was not in the vehicle. Insurance job perhaps?
Guy Eats Urinal Cake Straight Out of the Man Trough [VIDEO]
That it, there's not much left to say, I mean it's all pretty much right there in the title. However, to expound on this a just little bit. Apparently this dude from England saw his opportunity to make some money and agreed to eat a urinal cake For 10 pounds, which is exactly $16...
North Dakota White Supremacist Finds Out He’s 14% Black [VIDEO]
Do you remember that skit on "Chappelle Show" about Clayton Bigsby; the black white supremacist? Well, a talk show host in England named Trisha Goddard recently interviewed a guy named Craig Cobb, who's trying to create a white supremacist community in a small town in North Dakota. Du…