Extreme Sports

Skydiving Grandma Slips Out of Harness During Dive [VIDEO]
While other elderly people spend the latter part of their years playing it safe hoping to eek out an extra birthday or two. 81-year-old Laverne Everett is a lady who craves excitement. Which is why she chose to go skydiving for her birthday...
What is Mud Factor?
We've been receiving a ton of questions asking, 'What exactly is Mud Factor?' Is it a race or just for fun? Why is it called 'hardcore'? Let us help you out and answer a few of these intriguing questions.
Awesome Trick Skateboarding Video
After watching the video of Danny Macaskill go nuts on his bike, I didn't think I'd be impressed with another X-Games type video for a while.  But I was wrong, cuz I watched Kilian Martin on his skateboard, and I'm impressed.