Arm Wrestling Doesn’t Get Any Uglier Than This [VIDEO]
This chick scares the hell out of me. I'm not sure if this is her breathing technique or a way of intimidation. If it's meant for intimidation, she needs to be signed to the WWE right now. If this is her sports face, we can only imagine how messed up her "O" face is.
Face Eating Victim In Miami Is Alive And Recovering
The victim of the Miami "causeway cannibal" is now awake and in high spirits.  The road to recovery is still a very long one to travel for Ronald Poppo but he is on the way.  All things considered, he is doing quite well.  Details after the jump.
Cow Kicks Woman In The Face
I don't really like animals, but I always think it's funny when they hurt humans. Watch this lady get a little too close for the cows comfort and end up with a face full of hoof.
Chick Sets Face On Fire
Playing with fire is pretty sweet.  That is until you light your face on fire.  Then it's sweet to everyone but you.  Watch this idiot go all Human Torch on herself.
Sit Up Prank Results With Ass-Face
Okay the first thing I have to say about this video, is that it features shirtless young men, and I don't want you getting all weird about it.  Porn has naked dudes in it all the time, and you probably watch 17 on 1 gangbangs, so don't call me gay for posting it.  The second thin…
Foul Ball Vs Woman’s Face
If you're going to a baseball game, you need to have your head on the swivel.  You never know when you're going to in the line of fire, which is why I think everyone should be obligated to wear a glove in the stadium.  You don't wanna end up like this lady.
Man Gets Skull Tattooed Over His Face [VIDEO]
The 27-year-old pictured here goes by "Mad Dog" Deon, which seems fitting considering he was crazy enough to get a skull tattooed over his entire face.
The father of multiple children recently appeared with his girlfriend on "The Jeremy Kyle Show," a U.K. talk show, in a segment e…