Skier Loses Skis Mid-Jump and Faceplants [VIDEO]
I can't resist watching someone bite the dust, especially in the snow!  Check out this video of a ski jump gone wrong.  I think the funniest part is that the hill they tried to jump isn't very big, so there was no time to even try to fix this disaster.
Reporter Faceplants on Live TV [VIDEO]
Whether it's live radio or live TV, the last thing you want is an embarrassing moment and one where you actually get hurt. This reporter does a sweet faceplant live on the air, she acts like it doesn't hurt but you sure as hell know that it did.
Bryce Harper Does Faceplant Off Right Field Wall [VIDEO]
Oooooooo...Yeah...that's gonna leave a mark. And from what sources say, it did, 11 stitches worth to be exact. Now for those of you who never knew why it's called the "Warning Track" I think your question has been answered. Also, one other thing to note is, the right fiel…
Painful Rope Swing Faceplant
For some reason faceplants never get old. Something about people slamming their face into the ground just cracks me up.
This whole thing could have been avoided if this chick wasn't such an idiot. It really doesn't take a genius to climb up on a rope, swing and position your body right so you go into…
Kid on Bike Faceplants After Trying to Stop
The first best thing about this video is that it starts out in slow motion. The second best part is the kid in the background that says "You filmed that right"? I'm not even sure what he was trying to do but it's funny anyway you look at it.
Kids (and adults) will continue…
Chick Faceplants While Longboarding
This is another one of those accidents where I don't feel sorry for the victim.
It starts off where everybody is having a great time giggling and laughing it up, and then...BAM! This chick goes down real hard on the concrete, her face had to be a complete mess. Really, anybody that does this crap is …
Funny Pool-Cleaning Faceplant
First off, cleaning this pool would be a major pain in the ass, I can actually smell this nasty mess through my computer.
This dude is making the attempt to walk his way back down into the pool, but only makes it a few steps before blasting face onto the concrete.
My favorite line at the end of the vi…
Out of The Shower Faceplant [VIDEO]
Prepare to laugh your ass off!
This not so sweet wife or girlfriend decides to pull off a pretty sweet prank by spreading butter on the floor outside of the shower. You can guess already how this will end, not well.
I like a good prank but damn if my wife did this to me, there would be real hell to pa…

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