News Reporter Gets Denied A Kiss Live On TV [VIDEO]
This guy is never going to live this down. When talking about this news anchors new job, her co-worker went in for a kiss before she left. Fortunately for us, she wasn't having any of it. The sad part is, there was a moment in his head where he really felt that it was the right thing to do.
Dumbest Stagediver Ever Jumps Right Into Nothing [VIDEO]
There are couple things wrong with this. First, if your going to stage dive, it's best to start from, you know, the stage. The second thing you need to do is make sure there are actually people there to catch you. This guy didn't do either of those things. Be sure to watch to the end for t…
Calm Store Clerk Snatches Gun Out Of Robber’s Hands [VIDEO]
When life gets real, instincts tend to kick in and we are capable of a lot of things. This store clerk was minding his own business and working. While helping two other customers, in walks a guy with a gun trying to rob the store. After a few seconds, you can see the clerk spring into action.
The 4th Is Over But The Fails Live On [VIDEO]
No matter where you go on the 4th of July holiday, there is always some moron that shouldn't be allowed around the explosives. If you survived something like this over the weekend, don't worry, you are not alone. Sit back and enjoy 10 minutes of people being out smarted by fireworks.
Hoverboards Are Made For Standing, Not Sitting [VIDEO]
Leaving it to a blonde to try and find different things she can sit on. While playing with a hoverboard, this chick decides to ride a hoverboard by sitting on it. Once she gets going she slams into the wall and leaves a huge hole. If anything, this is good for a laugh or 20.
Science Teacher Fails With Fire Experiment [VIDEO]
I remember some of my science teachers getting a bit risky too when I was in high school. This guy is doing the same thing. He is trying to wow his students with some fire. After nearly setting the desk on fire he decides to go for the finale. Unfortunately, he set his back on fire.
We Have Found The Most Pathetic “Stage Dive” Ever [VIDEO]
All of us here at the Banana have seen our fair share of stage dives. From crazy leaps into a stadium of people to walking on the shoulders of fans at the Machine Shop, we seen it all, until now. Watch as this guy tries to rally people up front to begin his dive. When no one pays attention, he tries…
Guys Fail Big Time When Chopping Down A Tree [VIDEO]
You would think that chopping down a tree is a pretty simple thing. These guys are chopping down a tree in the woods and seem like they know what they are doing. With two guys pulling a rope to make it fall a certain way, the tree begins to fall. Unfortunately, this idiot tried to out run the tree.

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