High Speed Dodge Ball Vs. Face
I don't know why this dude would volunteer to get blasted in the face with a dodge ball coming out of a football throwing machine, but I'm glad he did.  Watch balls to the face go to a whole new, high speed level.
Double Back Flip Face Plant
Whenever I see a gymnast or a BMX rider or Batman do back flips, I'm always kind of jealous. It just seems like such a bad ass thing to do. But I'm neither athletic enough nor brave enough to attempt doing it, because I know I would just end up face down, writhing in pain. Just like thi…
Runway Model Fail Compilation
I've never really understood fashion shows.  Somehow or another, hot chicks wearing stupid clothes, walking around and turning is supposed to be the height of fashion.  The only good thing about the catwalk, is watching chicks fall on their faces. This video features the best of the b…
Lamborghini Crashes After Showing Off [VIDEO]
People that drive awesome cars tend  to think they are pretty awesome themselves.  You see them revving the engine at lights, speeding by you on the highway or even just glaring at you because your car is supposedly not as 'cool' as theirs.  Well, karma is a bitch and you ca…
Hot Chick Dancing In The Street Gets Hit By Car
You have to love good ole fashioned college block parties.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that she was hammered.  Hammered enough to think that trying to jump on a moving car is a good idea.  By the way toots, there is no need to continue dancing -- you just got hit …
Steeplechase Runner Crashes Over Hurdle
The steeplechase is basically an obstacle course, as runners go about 2 miles, jumping over hurdles and through water hazards.  The key is jumping over them, which this steeplechaser runner seemed to forget.  Check out this BYU runner in one hell of a fail.
Speed-Drinker Pukes On Filming Friend
I'm not a "chugging" drinker at all, so I probably would have ended up like this dude.  Watch him try to finish a speed drinking challenge, only to end up barfing all over his buddy.
Indiana Man’s Dream of Running From Cops Came True
Here's one for the 'dumb criminal' file; an Indiana man -- Jared Johnson, 25-years-old from Center Township Ind. -- saw opportunity knocking and answered the door; it was the cops ready for a chase.
According to the Chicagoist; Jared Johnson was riding his bicycle through Rogers Lakewo…
Police Officer Pushes Citizen Then Arrests Him
I am really confused by what happened in this video.  If you watch carefully, the guy that gets arrested didn't even move before the cop shoved him back.  To follow that, the other cop that wasn't even near the other two comes in for the arrest.  Now I have no doubt that the guys being questioned we…

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