Tree Getting Cut Down Destroys House
As soon as this video starts, you already know what is going to happen. That tree is ridiculously large and that house is just sitting there, waiting to get squashed. Watch the lumber jack fail of the week.
Stage Dive Fail
I've seen some crazy stage dives in my day, and I've seen some awful stage dives. This one definitely is one of the latter. Watch this dude act like a douche and then get dropped by the crowd.
Worst Walk Down The Aisle Ever
Some people would say that any walk down the aisle is a bad one.  Everybody would say that this one is an awful one.  Check out this chick wipe out and lose her dress in one of the most embarrassing entrances ever.
Ski Jump Fail
Videos like this are the reason you'll never find me on a going down the side of a mountain.  This dude is shredding it like it's a Mountain Dew commercial and next thing you know, he's flying through the air on his back and landing in a position that should have broke his neck.
Moron Attempts Five Internet Food Challenges At Once
At what point in your life does this seem like a good idea? Attempting one of these challenges is dump enough but one after another?  Enjoy the 15 minutes of fame and all the health problems that may follow.  Check it out as he eats six habeneros, 15 Warheads, a gallon of milk, Diet Coke a…
National Anthem Fails
We've heard the good, the bad and the God awful. This national anthem compilation video pretty much eliminates the good because all of these are God awful. If you would like to see more videos of people completely flubbing the national anthem, click here.
January 2012 Fail Compilation
Well we are a month into the new year and we already have a crap ton of people sucking at life.  Enjoy this video filled with car accidents, farts being lit on fire and other stupid people caught on camera.  With any luck, it's only a matter of time before we see Ms. Maggie Meadows in…
Security Knocks Down Performer Instead Of Crazy Fan
This is the fastest way ever to lose your job.  The only thing he had to do was keep people from storming the stage and keep the singer safe from crazy fans.  He failed.  The reactions are awesome too.  The security guard knew he was fired and the fan went from storming the stage…
Urban Skier Gets Hung Out To Dry
The good thing about winter is being able to hit the slopes.  The bad part about winter is everything else about it.  Check out this Michigan skier try urban skiing and fail miserably at it.
Man Falls Over Railing And Lands Painfully Below
Ouch!  This looks painful as hell.  First of all, I believe we can all agree that he is drunk.  Now, I have been hammered a time or two in my life but even at the most intoxicated, never did I think something like this was a smart idea.  Maybe he thought that he could be in the o…

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