The Best Fails Of 2011
Time to kick off the new year right.  Have a look all the people in the world sucking at life in 2011.  I'm sure most of these people are glad the year is over.  On the other hand, you know we will see a couple more videos of a few of these morons getting hurt again.  Sit back, relax and by the end …
Redneck Jumps His P.O.S. Truck Off Ramp In The Snow
Apparently this is how rednecks spend Christmas.  They gather all the young'ns and gather around the garbage pile ramp in the front yard.  Then they get the drunkest dumbest member of the family to do something incredibly stupid, like jump a rusty old piece of crap 25 feet into the ai…
Soldier’s Bad Grenade Toss Nearly Blows Him Up
I would have crapped my pants had this been me!  It amazes me that this can happen though.  The directions on a grenade are simple -- pull pin and throw.  He got the pin part but judging by the throw, I don't think he was ever in little league.  Check it out after the jump!
Mechanic Lights Cigarette With Gas Covered Gloves
I really hope this guys doesn't work in the area.  Being a smoker I can relate to the urge to have a cigarette.  However, if your nicotine fix completely overpowers your common sense, you deserve this.  This is probably the same moron that smokes over a box of fireworks or while …
Dude in Parachute Gets Blasted by a Truck
Talk about your unexpected landings, I don't think this dude saw this one coming. This guy is just zipping around with his parachute when all of a sudden as he crosses a road, a guy in a truck who is trying to avoid a car in the road swerves and just nails him.
Dad Packs Joint in Toddlers Lunch
A Connecticut man is facing charges after he accidentally put a joint in his kids lunchbox.  John Sulzbach, 33, was arrested after day care worker found a joint in his 18 month old son's food container and notified police.  Woops!
Kid Tries To Impress Girl And Fails Miserably
We've all done some stupid things in hopes to impress a girl.  Most of us haven't tried busting a backflip, but this kid isn't most of us.  Watch  him almost break his neck trying to get a chicks attention.

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