Idiots Light Mortar Shell In Garage [VIDEO]
This is what you get when idiots celebrate the fourth of July. Watching their fireworks explode in the air is apparently not enough for this group. Instead, they decide to get up close and personal and light one off in the garage. The results as about what you would expect.
Drunk Groom Pulled Off Bride By Wedding Party [VIDEO]
Who doesn't love a drunk groom? I am not a fan of wedding receptions, but I would have loved to be a guest at this one! Watch as the groom is so drunk during the garter snatch, he falls and eventually is pulled off of his embarrassed wife. I bet she is wishing she said "I Don't!&a…
Dude On Zipline In Thailand Hangs On For Dear Life [VIDEO]
I've always wanted to ride one of these huge ziplines they have around the world. This video, however, might have changed my mind. I don't know exactly how it happened but the guy that rode with this girl ended up hanging below her. He was hanging on for his life until they finally slowed …
Guy Shows Off On Flex Cam, Gets Shown Up By Girl [VIDEO]
Here is that wonderful moment where a persons pride gets shattered. This guy is hanging out at the game and his moment arrives. He jumps on the chance to show off and even tosses in a few Hulk Hogan type poses. As he his taking in the glory, the girl behind him shows him up big time.
Jockey Jumps Off Horse During Race, Slams Into Hurdle [VIDEO]
If you're going to bail, make sure you have a safe place to land. For some reason, this jockey decided to jump off the horse he was riding on while they approached a hurdle. He jumped just a bit to late and slammed into the hurdle. After watching the video, I have no idea why he decided to jump…
Kick Boxer Knocks Himself Out During Match [VIDEO]
Losing a match is one thing, but knocking yourself out is another. This guy is never going to live this down. He attempts some sort of weird flying kick, completely misses, and lands on his back knocking himself out cold. Even the other fighter was pretty surprised about it.

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