This Guy Needs To Bail, Major Sled Fail [VIDEO]
When I was a kid my dad would take me and my sisters sledding. It was not just casual sledding. My dad would have us race other kids down the hill. With one strong push I would be flying down a snow covered cliff! Luckily there were no chairs below, I can't say the same for this clown.
Wedding Proposal Fail On A Paddle Boat [VIDEO]
How could you not think that would happen? This guy tries to be romantic and propose in front of all of their friends. Of course she was surprised and playfully knocked his hand away and the ring flew into the water. Looks like they went from engaged to divorced in 30 seconds.
Who Wants Some Bird Crap Ice Cream? [VIDEO]
Weather permitting, many of us will enjoy Labor Day weekend outside. If you are like me, you will celebrate with a cocktail. If you are underage, you may celebrate with an ice cream. If that is the case, I hope your ice cream cone does not turn into a crap cone like this girls did!
Fed Ex Shows How Not To Handle Packages With Care [VIDEO]
I don't receive a lot of packages. Wait, does that sounds weird? From time to time I do receive delivered packages. Luckily, I mostly order clothes or shoes, so the chances of my order being damaged by an uncaring delivery person is slim. However, from the looks of this video, there are a lot o…
Crazy Jet Ski Accident Lands On The Beach [VIDEO]
Imagine yourself on vacation just trying to snap a memorable picture and then this happens. This poor girl just wanted a picture when an out of control jet ski made an appearance. Luckily she had enough time to jump out of the way before the accident. That jet ski got some air!

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