Ice Cream Truck Ruins Kids Day [VIDEO]
Damn you ice cream man! Watch as two kids seem to be just fine until they hear the sound of an ice cream truck. What I find really strange about this video is what the kids are eating before they hear the truck. It looks and sounds like Pop Rocks on toast. I'm thinking ice cream is NOT what the…
Small Needle Makes This Dude Shrieks Like a Little Girl [VIDEO]
We've all been to the docs office before and had to get a shot. I know no one likes needles and some people dislike them more than others. I for one don't have an issue with them. They don't bother me in the slightest. However, this dude is about to feel the pain and lose any and…
Man Gets Hit by Girlfriend While Proposing [VIDEO]
Two things that scare most people: rejection and public humiliation.  Apparently these things are no match for this man. Check out what happened to this poor guy when he tries to pop the question to his girlfriend of three months in the middle of the mall!
Tow Truck Driver Flip Car on It’s Side Into a Ditch [VIDEO]
I can only imagine it's bad enough being a tow truck at certain times. But to be a tow truck driver and have to tip a car back onto its wheels after it flipped in a crash. Then, pull it out of a ditch because it went coasting down a hill and flipped again. I think that's about the time I r…

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