Girl Catches on Fire After Worst Twerk Fail Ever [VIDEO]
Apparently this moron chick was making what she thought was a hot and sexy twerking video for her boyfriend. While looking like an idiot upside down shaking her ass, somebody opens the door and she goes down right on a glass table covered with candles. Well she sure ended up with a hot video.
Idiots Transporting Giant Deer Statue Fail Miserably
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the problem here.  For some odd reason, these idiots thought this would work.  There are two major problems.  First, when did a dump truck become a moving vehicle.  Second, who the hell needs that statue in the first place.
High Heel Chick In Race Faceplants At Finish Line
I have never seen a high heel race in my life, but I will be tuning in more if there is action like this.  Check out these two chicks as they are both trying to win this madness.  Just as the chick in blue can start to taste victory, she bites it just shy of the finish line.
Wake Boarder Vs. Boat, Who Wins?
This just seems incredibly stupid to begin with.  Why you would even think that this was possible I can't even imagine.  When you are traveling at that speed on a little board strapped to your feet, the boat will always win.
Alcohol + Machete + Watermelon — Guess What Happens
What do you get when you mix alcohol, a machete, and a watermelon?  That's right, a trip to the hospital.  Apparently, it's a lot tougher to be a ninja when you've been drinking.  This guy makes a simple attempt to slice a watermelon in half and BOOM, instant gusher.&nb…
Chick Jumps Off Roof, Completely Misses Pool
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this is not going to work.  First of all, that is a huge gap and you really have to commit to that jump.  Second, a tandem girly jump never works out.  Gotta love dumb bikini girls!

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