Awesome Wedding Photos That Failed Miserably [VIDEOS]
If there's one thing I hate, it's going to weddings. There's just something about the whole thing that annoys me like, dressing up, sitting with people I don't know and don't want to know, stupid wedding music, sitting through some godawful ceremony and the overall pain of just waiting around for no…
The Biggest Lip Sync Fails in History [VIDEO]
With the Grammys set to air tonight at 8pm on CBS, you have to wonder what kind of disasters will take place. Whether it's a fail performance or a fail acceptance speech, there's bound to be something glorious that will happen and we'll be glued to the TV just waiting for that moment.…
Freaking Hilarious Fails [VIDEO]
Face it, people are dicks! We love to see each other fall, f-up and freak out. I laugh every time is see someone fall. UNLESS it is an old person. Check out this compilation fail video. You will be laughing right from the start!
Self-Parking Car FAIL Is Awesome [VIDEO]
I really did laugh out loud when I watched this video. Technology has certainly come a long way - but there are still glitches. Especially in the case of self-parking cars. This vehicle has a plan of its own, and it is definitely not parking!
Graduation Gone Wrong, Girl Totally Wipes Out [VIDEO]
Graduating, the struggle is real. Especially if you are wearing the wrong shoes. Watch as this graduate takes a major tumble en route to get her diploma. I fall quite often (twice in one day last week), but it never takes me long to hit the ground. Not the case here, the grad has one dramatic drop!
Best Stripper and Pole Dance FAILS Ever! [VIDEO]
Who doesn't love a good fall? Ladies and gentleman prepare to crack up at this compilation of stripper and pole dance FAILS! From professionals to the at home hotties, pole dance classes and street strippers - this video has all of that and more! Enjoy!
Hot Chick Washing Bike Is A Major Fail [VIDEO]
Men and women alike enjoy a good bike wash. I am guessing the owner of this particular bike was not happy with this wash down. Well, maybe for a minute. Check out this girl attempting to act super hot while soaping down a bike. The end result is a hot mess!
Reporter Gets Totally Flustered On Live TV [VIDEO]
Trust me, I know what it is like to screw up on the air. Stuttering, losing my train of thought and literally choking have all happened to me while live on the air. However, I don't think I have forgotten my own name. To be fair, I have messed up some bands names though!

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