Man Falls Over Railing And Lands Painfully Below
Ouch!  This looks painful as hell.  First of all, I believe we can all agree that he is drunk.  Now, I have been hammered a time or two in my life but even at the most intoxicated, never did I think something like this was a smart idea.  Maybe he thought that he could be in the o…
Backflip World Record Ends In Brutal Fall
I have never even jumped on a pogo stick, let alone done back flips on one.  But this dude has done a bunch.  In fact, he set the world record minus one, when it comes to pogo stick back flips.  Check out the video.
Dude Attemps To Pole Dance And Fails Miserably
I'm pretty sure that everyone has done it.  You see a light pole and think it'll be hilarious to spin around it like a 23 year old mother of three with rent due. Watch this dude bust out his best moves and end up eating the ground.
Drunk Football Fan Can’t Walk Forward — Falls On Ass
I have been drunk many times before in my life but not once has it kept me from walking forward.  This guy is so trashed he can't even begin to move in the right direction.  The tailgate party filming him makes the video that much more enjoyable.  They were definitely rooting him on.  You have to ha…
Tarzan Vine Swing Fail
If you can die doing it, you probably should have some sort of safety net involved.  But these dudes disagree, and go swinging through the woods, some where deep in the Asian continent.  You can probably guess what's going to happen, but it's funny as hell any
Kids Perform Magic Trick And Then A Bookshelf Lands On Them
These kids are from somewhere that isn't America, and they pull a pretty impressive magic trick, only to have things go horribly wrong as a bookshelf tips over and lands on one of the boys. Luckily it was on camera and on Youtube, so we can see the whole thing.
Graduation Stage Faceplant
Graduation is over hyped from the get go.  It doesn't take much to get out of high school, but people act like their kids are the most special snowflakes in the sky.  Check out this grad fall on her face when she dances like an idiot.