Graduation Gone Wrong, Girl Totally Wipes Out [VIDEO]
Graduating, the struggle is real. Especially if you are wearing the wrong shoes. Watch as this graduate takes a major tumble en route to get her diploma. I fall quite often (twice in one day last week), but it never takes me long to hit the ground. Not the case here, the grad has one dramatic drop!
U.K Sports Reporter ‘Biffs’ on Live TV [VIDEO]
U.K. Sky News sports reporter, Nick Collins was broadcasting live from Wembley Stadium in London yesterday. When in the middle of his report, he tripped on something, completely biffed and fell out of the live shot.
Woman Walks Straight off Train Platform [VIDEO]
I fall at least twice a week. As a matter of fact, I fell off my deck today. Lucky for me I was not carrying a child like this woman was. A Boston woman walked off a platform while attempting to board a train. Unfortunately for her and her 4-year-old child, there was nothing but empty spac…
Bus Driver Catches Kid From 3 Story Building Fall [VIDEO]
Talk about someone being at the right place at the right time! New York bus driver, Steven St. Bernard, was standing on a Brooklyn side walk when a 7-year-old girl fell three stories. St. Bernard was able to catch her and break her fall, forcing the girl into bushes. If it was not for him, who knows…
Drunk Ass Dude Stumbling Around
We've all stumbled around in a drunken haze, but not everybody gets taped in the middle of the day out in public doing it. Check out this dude take drunk swagger to a whole new level.
Planking Disaster
Planking is the internet fad of laying flat on your stomach in random places.  Planking is also proof people are stupid.  Watch this idiot almost kill herself all in the name of planking.
Wheelchair Falls Down Escalator Backwards [VIDEO]
Just because somebody is handicapped, it doesn't mean it's not funny when they get hurt.  And I'm also pretty sure the dude wasn't really wheelchair bound, it seems like he was just being an idiot.  Check out the hilarious results.