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Dad’s Family Feud Answer Creeps Out Family [VIDEO]
Christ on a cracker, do the writers on 'Family Feud' write these questions on purpose? As in purposely looking for sexual answers? Just last week I posted a video about a weird 'finger' answer on the show, and now here is another one. Watch as this Dad creeps out his family with …
‘Family Feud’ – This Girl Is Doing It Wrong [VIDEO]
I have never been a contestant on a game show. I am sure it is nerve wracking. However, if you are playing on a team, you could hopefully count on your teammates. Well, unless this girl is on your team.
This chick need only 18 points for her family to win big on 'Family Feud'...
Family Feud Survey Says ‘His Schlong’
Family Feud is one of those shows that has been on TV forever. And it seems like The Feud has recently been trying to reach a younger, edgier demographic. Watch the hilarious reactions when "schlong" ends up as an answer on the game show.