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Saginaw Farmers’ Market To Receive $3.4 Million From State
The state of Michigan has approved funding for the Saginaw Farmers' Market. The funds are coming from Michigan Strategic Fund which is part of private capital investment worth nearly $20 million. The funds are being used to renovate a building that use to be used by the Saginaw News.
Food Stamps Worth Double at Michigan Farmer’s Market
Food stamps are worth twice their normal store value at some Michigan farmer’s markets, according to a report in The Christian Science Monitor. It is a program called “Double Up Food Bucks,” which is an accepted practice in most of the state that gives SNAP money more spending weig…
The New Flint Farmer’s Market Is Awesome [PICS]
This morning, the new Flint Farmer's Market officially opened with the ribbon cutting ceremony just after 8am. Hundreds of Flint residents showed up to support the new market. Check it out inside and out here and do a little shopping there to help support local businesses.