Girl Gets the Crap Scared Out of Her, Literally [VIDEO]
Making people yawn, sneeze, cough, and pee have been tricks played by kids and teens everywhere for centuries. While getting people to do it does take a certain amount of creativity the effort involved is minimal. Now, getting someone to crap themselves that's a little harder.
Farting in Public Prank
I don't care what you say, farts are funny. This guy walks around with what is called "The Pooter" and surprises a few people as they think he's dropping some ass right in front of them. Some of these reactions are priceless.
Fart Stabbing Leads To One Death
I work with a majority of dudes so go figure, it smells like farts a lot around the station.  Sure, I get mad and grossed out, but not nearly as mad as a guy in Connecticut!  Check this out.