Beach Babe Farting Prank Really Stinks [VIDEO]
Hey let's face it, chicks fart, it's just the nature of the beast. It honestly doesn't bother me one bit unless I was at the beach rubbing lotion all over their back. That's exactly what's going down in this prank video with the help of a fart machine and some liquid ass.
French Bulldog is Startled By Rouge Fart [VIDEO]
It doesn't surprise me that its a "French" bulldog that this happens to, because we all know the French are afraid of just about everything. So, why wouldn't their dog be too. However, what I did find surprising, is the same thing that happens in this video, happens to Ch…
Rep. Barney Frank Farts On Live TV
It doesn't matter whether you're  liberal or conservative, there is one thing we can all agree on; farts are hilarious.  Check out the video of Representative Barney Frank blowing ass on live TV.