Road Rage Father Shatters Window Of Another Driver [VIDEO]
I'm not sure what brought this on but this guy is pissed. He confronted a bad driver and that driver responded with "is that all?" After the smart ass comment the dude lost it and blasted the window. On a side note, doesn't the smart ass driver look just like Chumlee from…
Michigan Expands Rights Of Biological Fathers
It's no secret that men get treated differently than women when it comes to family court.  Governor Rick Snyder recently signed new laws into place, giving more rights to biological fathers in the state.
Father Jumps From Moving Car to Save Daughter’s Life
I think it's awesome that this father was willing to jump from his moving car to save his daughter's life. I also think this father is an a-hole for not having this kid in a child's seat. The little girl was climbing from the front to the back, opened the door and feel out, WTF!
Flea Talks About Fatherhood
When you think of rockstars, you usually think of cocaine binges, pornstar girlfriends, and cocaine binges with pornstar girlfriends.  But most dudes in bands are just normal dudes, trying to make a better life for their kids.  Flea, legendary bassist for Red Hot Chili Peppers, talks about…