Store Owner Fights Armed Robber And Takes His Gun [VIDEO]
This guy is pretty brave. While being robbed, this store owner takes a stand and fights back. After wrestling the gun away, the robber retreats to the back room. Eventually, he comes back out and the fight again. You knew it was bad from the beginning when the robber didn't even get off his pho…
Rednecks Fight Out On The Go Cart Track [VIDEO]
So what do you do when you are upset with another go cart driver? That's right, you flip the jerk over. I'm not sure what caused the fight, but who cares, rednecks will fight over anything! As soon as the first cart is flipped, the fight is on for everyone!
Fight Ends In One Second With Kick To The Face [VIDEO]
I don't think I have ever seen a fight end this quickly in my life. Eat your heart out Rhonda Rousey! The fight begins and the fighter in ready makes a quick move and kicks the blue fighter in face. Ole blue immediate falls and the ref calls the match seconds after that.
Dad Makes Bully Son Fight Pro Boxer As Lesson [VIDEO]
Too harsh or not enough? This dad found out that his son was bullying other kids in school. So, as a punishment, the dad decided to send his bully son into the ring with a professional boxer. There's no doubt that bullying is a problem, but what is the best way to fight it?
Another Brawl At A Kid’s Party [VIDEO]
For the most part I understand. As a parent, I don't like a lot of these kid's party places either. The bells and whistles just drive you crazy. However, I don't think it's bad enough to send me into a rage. Parents get mad over everything. Even if it's something simple like…
Angry Security Guard Fights Customer In Apple Store [VIDEO]
There really isn't too much to go on as to why this all happened. The video starts with the two being separated and it all spills onto a counter. As the customer is yelling for help and to get the security guard away from him, the guard gets close enough to land a few punches.
Another School Bully Gets What He Deserves [VIDEO]
This is why you never count out someone smaller than you. The bully in the red shirt picked on the wrong kid this day. The little guy in the white shorts rocked him with a vicious right, tackled him to the ground, and gave him one more for good measure.

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