Kid Sucker Punches Older Guy, Quick Brawl Erupts [VIDEO]
There is a lot of yelling and screaming in this one so it's tough to know exactly who is at fault. However, if you ever decide to call someone on their countdown, be ready to take a punch. Also, if you are going to swing on an adult, fight like an adult. Don't start yelling about being a k…
Couple Kicked Out Of 7-Eleven, Clerks Use A Club [VIDEO]
These two clerks at the 7-Eleven aren't going to be messed with. This drunk chick is causing a ruckus and the couple gets kicked out. The clerks us a club and a boot to the stomach to kick them out. I'm still not sure why the chick was crawling on the ground either.
This Poker Game Just Got Real – Friday Night Fights
I've been in some serious poker games, but they've never come to blows. Sure it sucks losing money and being picked on by your friends, but this guy is a lunatic. I have no idea why they were fighting but I'm pretty sure we can assume he didn't win the hand.

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