Brawl At Arizona Vs. San Francisco Game [VIDEO]
This time of year, football fans are pretty damn competitive. These fans get into an argument and begin fighting. After rolling down some stairs, they finally make it out of the seating area and are met by security guards. Personally, I don't think those security guards were very good.
Brutal Fight On Subway – Friday Night Fights
It's fight night once again and this one is a good one. Even though it is being recorded from the outside of the train, you can still see the brutal beating. I have no idea how or why it happened, but this dude got beaten by those two.
Loud Drunk Knocked Out At McDonalds [VIDEO]
Alcohol always brings out the fight in people. This guy is dead set on getting into a fight with one of the other dudes there. After his poor attempt at a headbutt, they fight back. It only took one punch to put the drunk to sleep.
Quick Fight And Knockout In Parking Lot – Friday Night Fights
This seems to start pretty slow but picks up with the quickness. This just goes to show that you can only threaten people for so long before they react. After a few minutes of talking crap, the guy in the black jeans had enough. After busting up the other guys car, he then busts up his face!

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