Flint water Crisis

Free Lead Testing For Dogs Coming to Flint This Month [VIDEO]
The poor doggies! A lot of the major concerns are obviously for children and other humans, but for many people, their fur babies ARE their children! It's beyond sad to imagine an animal who can't talk to you suffering from lead poisoning and being able to do nothing about it. If you or someone you k…
Michigan Masons Donate $100,000 To Flint [VIDEO]
Looks like Flint will be receiving another donation from the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation. This money will be used to help children affected by the water crisis in both the short and long term. From medical costs to healthy food and more.
Upcoming Genesee County Lead Screening Events For Kids
Calling all Flint parents. If your family has been affected by the water crisis, you need to have your child/children tested for lead. There are a few upcoming screening events this month. If you have additional questions, contact the Genesee County Health Department at (810) 257-3612.

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