Kid Tries To Impress Girl And Fails Miserably
We've all done some stupid things in hopes to impress a girl.  Most of us haven't tried busting a backflip, but this kid isn't most of us.  Watch  him almost break his neck trying to get a chicks attention.
Kid Busts Out Ninja Backflip Playing Dodgeball
Dodgeball was amongst the best games to play as a child, thanks to the fact that size and strength weren't nearly as important as speed and agility. This kid will go down in the record books of gym class history for the ''Most Ninja Like''.
Horse Flips Over Fence
Okay, the first thing that needs to be said about the video is that the horse was fine.  They build horses pretty tough now a day, so don't feel too bad for Mr. Ed.  But you've gotta admit, a horse flip over a fence is well worth watching.  So here's the video.