Florida Boy Survives Alligator Attack [ViDEO]
I do not like the feeling of fish swimming near me, let alone an alligator! That being said, I still cannot believe that I actually have been in Florida lakes. I did see alligators, but was not in danger of being attacked. I cannot say the same for this little boy.
Grandma Gets 6-Months In Jail For Public Sex [VIDEO]
Who would not want to see a grandmother having sex in public? Me, that is who! Ugh. Can you imagine? Florida resident Peggy Klemm, 68, was busted having sex with a 49-year-old man who incidentally is NOT her husband. The kicker is, her husband is standing by her! This G-ma must have some vagina!
Topless Girl Goes Wild At McDonald’s [VIDEO]
So this is what people mean by 'cray cray'! Watch as a topless woman destroys a Florida McDonald's. I am not sure why the guys in the video were unable to stop her, but the end result is her taking something white and creamy to the face! Enjoy!
Teacher Arrested For Making Student Clean Urinal [VIDEO]
I assume if you have a child in grade school, you do not think he or she is playing the part of a janitor during the school day. That being said, I am sure you can imagine how pissed off one Florida mother is after finding out her 10-year-old son was forced to unclog a urinal with his bare hands. WT…

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